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  • Sarajevo reunion, by Saša Čolić

    After the Dayton agreement was signed, and after the war was over, the new era of Sarajevo started. The era of reconstruction, reparation, development and growth. Today Sarajevo is the fastest growing city in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, perhaps in region as well. It is also the most inhabited city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with approx. 460.000 […]

  • Dirty season, our short film on pre-election campaign

    Dirty Season from Saša Čolić on Vimeo. The 2012 Serbian elections are now concluded. The elected President of Serbia is Tomislav Nikolic. May 6 parliamentary elections produced no clear winner and main political parties are negotiating a coalition government. Hopefully, within the next two weeks a government will be formed and a Prime Minister will […]

  • Fight Club, by Saša Čolić

    Subotica (North Serbia), Apil 2012.- While visiting this border-town, formerly the largest city of Vojvodina I went outside the club Studio 11 to take a breath from crazy loudness and smoke coming out of the venue. What I discovered was beyond my expectations so far. Right there at the club backyard, two brothers were punching like animals. Being inspired […]