Tag: children

  • Children from Idomeni Station

    Camp for refugees on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Greece, Idomeni, 13-16.03.2016.

  • Happy family

    Belgrade, 18.05.2013. (Photographer: Marko Rupena©Kamerades)

  • Museum Night

    Children walk through the installation called Little factory of effects, during the opening of Museum Night in Belgrade. In this night, 150 cultural institutions, in Belgrade and other Serbian towns, are open for public, presenting various exhibitions, installations and performances. This event is part of the European Night of Museums held in 40 countries. Belgrade, 18.05.2013.

  • Children vs director, by Marko Rupena

    Many unsatisfied children from “Starina Novak” elementary school are protesting against the school director, Vlada Vučinić. The thing that was most difficult for children, beside other problems, is releasing their favorite professor, Miladin Likić. Belgrade, 05.10.2012.