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  • Viminacium excursion

    Viminacium (1st century), October 2013.- On travel assignment for The Constitutional Court of Serbia I observed one of the most important archaeological localities and witness of Roman days in Serbia.

  • Floods in Serbia, by Marko Rupena

    Streets in the village of Čerević are flooded because of river overflowing. This Serbian village is located near the river Danube, 70 kilometers north-west of Belgrade. Heavy rains caused Danube and other rivers to overflow their banks, making massive damage to many European countries in past two weeks. 15.06.2013.

  • Ice over the river Danube, by Marko Rupena

    During the recent Siberian snap hundreds of kilometers of the river Danube were blocked by ice. When ice  started to move because of rising temperatures in Belgrade, many little boats and floating restaurants were damaged. Now, people are trying to rescue their boats. Belgrade, 20.02.2012.