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  • Funeral of Oliver Ivanovic

    Funeral of Oliver Ivanovic

    Oliver Ivanovic, 64, the leader of the Citizens’ Party “Serbia, democracy, justice”, was shot outside the party’s offices in northern Mitrovica on January 16. Today, he was buried in the alley of Meritorious citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade in the presence of his family, numerous friends, politicians, government representatives and thousands of citizens.

  • North Coast 2013, by Nemanja Jovanović

    Once upon a time, in the country far far away, there was a land of great battles and numerous heroes. The land was thirsty for blood through the centuries. It still is. Medieval knights turned into modern fighters, who do not respect the code of honor or any other codes. The land turned into a […]

  • D, The Day, by Kamerades

    Belgrade, 08. April 2013 – Proclaimed as the D-Day for Serbia, this Monday was seemingly peaceful, but behind the scenes of everyday events, strong political activity was happening. Serbian government was unique in the decision to say no to Brussels Agreement, and to continue with the negotiations on the Kosovo issue. Several right-wing groups supported this […]