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  • Coaching evil

    Pit bull classes of behavior at Kafana bar Provalija (Chasm), Zemun key, Danube river, Belgrade, February 2013.  Even today,  14 years after NATO bombing back in 1999. Serbia still suffers from

  • Equilibrium

    Trudelj village, Central Serbia, February 2013.- Miroslav Čolić, at the age of 57, has been a professional hunter since nineties.

  • Lovers affair, by Marko Rupena

    Serbia’s new nationalist president and the liberal rival likely to be the next prime minister assured the country Monday 28. May 2012 that they could overcome deep differences and create a stable, pro-European Union government. Tomislav Nikolić defeated his predecessor Boris Tadić in the presidential election earlier this month, and Nikolić’s nationalist Progressive Party won […]