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  • Special award for Dirty season film

    Kamerades photographer Saša Čolić granted special award for “Dirty season” short film at Mikro festival of amateur film in Belgrade 28-29. September 2012. Jury explanation for the award: Special Recognition to be awarded for the engagement news and film in an intelligent and poetic style on a very important topic for the society in which […]

  • Dirty season, our short film on pre-election campaign

    Dirty Season from Saša Čolić on Vimeo. The 2012 Serbian elections are now concluded. The elected President of Serbia is Tomislav Nikolic. May 6 parliamentary elections produced no clear winner and main political parties are negotiating a coalition government. Hopefully, within the next two weeks a government will be formed and a Prime Minister will […]

  • What’s so damn funny?

    Belgrade, 19. June 2012.- Serbia needs to form a government as quickly as possible to ease concerns about its fiscal outlook. May 6 parliamentary elections produced no clear winner and main political parties are negotiating a coalition government. Serbia’s budget deficit expanded to 80 billion dinars ($845 million) in the first five months of the year, […]

  • Swearing

    New president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic took the oath of office at the special session of the Serbian Parliament, officially starting his five-year turn. Nikolic was sworn in the presence of political leaders, church dignitaries, distinguished guests, and newly elected members of Parliament.

  • Lovers affair, by Marko Rupena

    Serbia’s new nationalist president and the liberal rival likely to be the next prime minister assured the country Monday 28. May 2012 that they could overcome deep differences and create a stable, pro-European Union government. Tomislav Nikolić defeated his predecessor Boris Tadić in the presidential election earlier this month, and Nikolić’s nationalist Progressive Party won […]

  • Surprise Presidential win raises uncertainty

    Nationalist candidate Tomislav Nikolić has caused an upset in Serbia after beating the odds and defeating the country’s incumbent president Boris Tadić in a run-off vote, drawing almost 50 percent of the vote on Sunday, 20. May 2012. Tadić won 46,7 percent – a bitter defeat. Surveys conducted just ahead of the second round vote […]

  • Day after tomorrow

    On May 6. 2012, Kamerades photographers monitored Serbian elections, covering capital of Belgrade and four other towns: Užice, Niš, Paraćin and Jagodina. Epilogue: According to Republic Electoral Commission, around 41% of Serbian citizens boycott the elections on Sunday.  So the candidates got  their support from only 59% of  the electorate. The rivals for Serbia’s presidency, liberal […]

  • Dirty season countdown

    It is only a few days left until the election in Serbia. Getting our group project to its peak, it is time to say why we are doing this. Basically we pitched the idea of global apathy, disinterest for the political parties after years of Balkan aftermath, as residual Milosevic structures continue to rotate their governments again and again. Observing […]

  • Pre-election campaign monitoring – pt. 3

    It is a final countdown before the election in Serbia scheduled for May 6, 2012. For Serbs it is the big bang: they will vote for a president, a parliament, in local elections and, in the province of Vojvodina, for a regional assembly. In Kosovo too, many Serbs may vote, but this is contentious and could […]

  • Pre-election campaign monitoring pt. 2

    Its been a second week since 2012 Parliamentary elections were announced in Serbia. So far two issues remain to be clarified. First, the presidential election. Some people were surprised when President Tadić failed to call a presidential vote for the same day as the parliamentary one. He still might, but must make up his mind by April 7th. […]