Road to Kruma, small town in the mountains of northern Albania, where civilians kidnapped throughout Kosovo during the war in 1999 were taken away by the testimony of Albanians, official protected witnesses of Serbian  War Crimes Prosecutor office.
The kidnapped would end their lives in agony after being subjected to live organ harvesting operations taking place at the local derelict school building

Investigation of organ trafficking first started by the Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Dick Marty, and later, on the basis of the reports submitted by the Council, were taken over by Serbian prosecutor’s office to continue the further investigation.
Photo essay, originated on the way to Kruma, intends to hypothetical evoke what was last kidnapped person saw, looking through car window, being just tens of kilometers away from becoming a victim of inhuman torture.

Last picture in a row shows a yellow building, previously a school, the final destination used for inhuman operations of taking organs.