The book “Dirty Season” presents us with the constant manipulation of the masses, the fight for the votes of those who haven’t cared for a long time, attempts to animate or resuscitate the people, mass flooding with posters, billboards, advertisements that promise a better tomorrow, graffiti, slogans, audio and video performances – all together creating a circus show called: Election campaign.


“In the shadow of that well organised circus, an ordinary man stands like a sad figure, no longer understanding why and when the circus came, and even less capable of explaining to all the performers that it is no longer funny, nor fun, and even less exciting, and the tickets are very expensive. In the center of the arena stands exactly this human, alone, deceived and abandoned by society and the state that (should) exist because of him. Is it time to read the pictures of our own life more carefully, to pay attention to the voice of these young people who persistently and patiently observe and record the present for the sake of the future?”, says Ivana Tomanović, master of photography at the Academy of Film and Television (FAMU) in Prague.


The strength of their photographs lies in the satirical view of ourselves, decapitated just like the politicians who, like wolves, change only the hair (party), but not the temper, adds Tomanović in the text “The Present for the Future”,an Introduction to the censored exhibition “Dirty Season – uncensored”.


The photos represent an excerpt from the book self-published by the collective in 2014.