Every year in the middle of August, Bulgarian Rila mountain becomes enlightened by the sun, symbolizing the God himself, whose spirit transforms those who are searching for happiness, purity and equality, not only for themselves, but for all the people in the world. Near the famous seven lakes, members of White brotherhood of Bulgaria gather and practice their rituals, representing Christian esotericism in the form that is created by master Peter Deunov in 1900. At the begining of the day, members stand on the cliff looking at the east, waiting for the sunrise. They practice meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and praying. The most important spiritual exercise is paneurhytmy, the sacred dance which represents a combination of all other exercises, including the music, mostly composed by Deunov. Paneurhytmy is practiced in concentric circles, formed by the members of brotherhood. Those circles represent the sun and very special connection between people, who are trying to make harmony between themselves, nature and the God. Bulgaria, 18-20.08.2012.