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  • The mosaic

    The mosaic

    On January 06 and 07, the days of Christmas Eve and Orthodox Christmas, many believers will ride to the temple of St. Sava in Vracar, to attend burning of the Oak tree and the Christmas Liturgy. At the top of the dome of the temple, through the narrow opening between the floor structure, and through […]

  • God bless the rule!

    Theophany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ. Every year, on 19th of January, people swim outdoors in order to reach the “Holy cross”, which is placed in water, 33 meters away from start line.

  • The end of the White week

    Every year, on the last Sunday of the last week before Easter fasting, children in the village Lozovik participate in the carnival, called “Bele poklade”.

  • Holy Protection

    At the end of 19th century, while taking a water from a fountain, little girl from Djunis village saw the Most Holy Theotokos who threw the stone and told her that the church should be built at the place where that stone had fallen, and that physically and mentally unhealthy people should find a cover and a protection there.

  • Easter service

    Orthodox Christians in Serbia mark Easter on May 5th this year. Many believers attend the service, served by Patriarch Irinej, at the Saint Sava temple in Belgrade. Belgrade, 05.05.2013.

  • Epiphany, by Marko Rupena

    Orthodox believers in Serbia celebrate Epiphany. The celebration starts with the morning liturgy and than priests and believers form a procession going to the river where the tournament starts in which competitors are swimming to retrieve a crosse under the water. Today liturgy was held in Ružica church and after that, competitors were swimming in […]

  • Christmas celebration, by Nemanja Jovanović and Marko Rupena

    Orthodox believers in Serbia celebrate Christmas on January 7, according the Julian calendar. The day before, on Christmas eve, they burn dried oak branches, as the Yule log symbol.

  • Postcards from Lhasa, by Nemanja Pancic

    “Place of the Gods” is a central place for all Tibetans whose prayers are committed to a better life in the next life.

  • The spirit of the mountain, by Marko Rupena

    Every year in the middle of August, Bulgarian Rila mountain becomes enlightened by the sun, symbolizing the God himself, whose spirit transforms those who are searching for happiness, purity and equality, not only for themselves, but for all the people in the world. Bulgaria, Rila mountain, 19.08.2012. At http://kamerades.com/photo/the-spirit-of-the-mountain-2/ in our portfolio section you can see the complete […]

  • Ascension Day, by Marko Rupena and Nemanja Jovanović

    Orthodox believers are celebrating Ascension Day. This day is patron saint’s day of Belgrade. Celebrating begins with holy liturgy in the Church of the Ascension served by Patriarch Irinej and than the litany is formed and the procession goes through the city. Belgrade choose the feast of the Ascension of the Lord in memory of the year 1403 when […]