To explain the absence of the human touch on my photos, i will have to “borrow” some definitions from young Karl Marx (in particular from the Manuscripts of 1844) “…under the conditions of modern factory production, by contrast, the average worker is not much more than a replaceable cog in a gigantic and impersonal production apparatus. Where armies of hired operatives perform monotonous and closely supervised tasks, workers have essentially lost control over the process of production, over the products which they produce, and over the relationships they have with each other. As a consequence they have become estranged from their very human nature, which Marx understood to be free and productive activity.
More specifically, real liberty does not exist unless workers effectively control their workplace, the products they produce, and the way they relate to each other.”

Serbia is going through transition process. It has finally affected the journalism (here), one of the the last bastions of free word and open mind in the world of industry.

These are my colleagues, some of them I’ve known for a decade or so.

They all changed. They all lost their spark. They all lost the human touch.

Transition is taking it’s toll. They are underpaid. They are often, unpaid.

Insecure. Unhappy. They all became estranged.