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  • Power of image

    Everything we know, everything we conclude about the world is visually perceived. So why negotiating that? http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/news/2307127/french-newspaper-removes-all-images-in-support-of-photographers Image  credit© Olivier Laurent


    We are happy to present you our colleagues from Photodox. Here, you can read about their work and how they describe themselves.

  • Phonographer, by Marko Rupena

    A man takes photos by his phone during Belgrade Car show. Belgrade, 21.03.2013.

  • Sarajevo reunion, by Saša Čolić

    After the Dayton agreement was signed, and after the war was over, the new era of Sarajevo started. The era of reconstruction, reparation, development and growth. Today Sarajevo is the fastest growing city in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, perhaps in region as well. It is also the most inhabited city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with approx. 460.000 […]