Population ZERO

There are couple of dozen of completely deserted villages in Serbia. Some expectations and predictions are that in next 5-10 years there will be nearly 2000 of them. The problem is the decline of the economical power and the income that people in the villages make, mostly in regions that are hard to live in comparison with the nearby towns. These areas are, on the contrary to harsh statistics, gifted with the great potential for farming, plant growth and other agricultural activities.

Statistics says:
4.800 total number of villages in Serbia.
1.961 villages are abandoned.
86% of villages have constant decline in population.
2.000 will disappear in next 10-15 years.
260.000 single men in their fifties are living in the countryside.
50.000 houses exist in the abandoned villages.
145.000 houses are marked as uninhabited at the moment.