Steep, narrow and muddy forest road, just a hundred kilometers away from Belgrade(Serbia), leads a three hour journey to Novi Stjenik, the one and only nun monastery of Zealots(member of so called Serbian True Orthodox Church) in Serbia. Located in the middle of nowhere in Kucaj mountains, on a scenic plateau, lays monastery complex comprising of a wooden church and konak – place for rest for the nuns and one for the guests.

Present nuns do not agree upon the name “zealots” and “the most zealous”. They consider themselves to be ordinary Orthodox, like their ancestor of Saint Sava, founder of Serbian Orthodox Church. Nuns from Novi Stjenik monastery announced recently that they are not a part of Serbian Orthodox Church any more, because the Serbian Orthodox Church got off the Orthodoxy road, dived into modernism and ecumenism, and now recognises the primacy of the Pope and takes part in joint service. Their very perception, that the only true religion is the Orthodox religion – for which they are ready to give life, gives them strength to survive in harsh conditions of Kucaj Mountains following the motto “Orthodoxy or death”.

With no electricity from November to May, they are cut off from the world due to snow and bad weather, spending supplies of firewood and food they’ve made in advance. Isolation is their choice which makes them happy and fulfilled, providing them better connection to their god. I could tell they were young, although they wouldn’t let me know how old they are, or where they come from. Defying harsh living conditions, they inspire with their brightness and cheerfulness.

In a remote place, away from the world, they are devoting themselves to prayer and to praising their own god.