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East of Eden, by Marko Risović

If the road takes you south of the fertile Vojvodina and Serbian capital Belgrade, you’ll find yourself in places that once were the center of industrial development and prosperity of Yugoslavia at the time. Today, these sites offer very little to its residents, especially young people, those who are destined to stay, or have no other solution but to try to live where they were born. They have inherited destroyed infrastructure, poor living conditions and education, little or no opportunity for employment and advancement. Factories that once fed the entire population now look like the ruins of the past. High unemployment and many economic problems Serbia is facing with are very explicitly reflecting on the lives of these young people. The absence of a perspective often leads to depression, alcoholism and other negative issues. There are also positive examples, those who are trying to fight for a better life, but mainly looking for their chance far away from the places of origin. Those young who remain, live in the foggy world, somewhere between dreams and reality, being subjects to the influences of various interest groups. While politicians are cheerfully trying to convince us that Serbia’s European path is provided, and how it means a better life, it is difficult to believe that such abstract promises weave a thread of hope for those whose everyday life is full of challenges and problems that are piling up.