Some birds can’t fly, by Igor Pavicevic




In the summer of 2019, a group of working- class legionnaires left Serbia for Alaska in order to try to save a little more for themselves and their families by working in the widely known fish industry of that semi-Arctic state of America. Due to the nature of their work, which entails working day and night, their view of the moment in which they are at, for many of them, the first geographical latitude in life different from their home, was narrowed by the veil of dream.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, they saw reality through dreams, dreams about sleep, did they not sleep or did they but while standing behind an endless factory line. These photos are an ode to those economic migrants and their dreams.

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The Author

Igor Pavicevic


45cm x 30cm, 60cm x 40cm


Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gr

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